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Boats range in size from 33ft(10m) to 100ft(30m) and are used for a variety of fishing applications including bottom trawling, line fishing, squid fishing, purse seining, long lining, prawn trawling, diamond pumping and even for marine research.
Tallie Marine’s boats are economical on a global scale and highly competitive in the local and international market.
Our design is geared towards low resistance and can maintain excellent speed with low HP engines, thereby saving on fuel and running costs. Interior and exterior designs are strategically rendered to reduce maintenance costs while using recycled resources wherever possible to honour our eco friendly presence.
Designed with large hold capacities, Tallie Marine vessels nonetheless maintain spacious engine room and accommodation areas. Many are built to include more than one application enabling products to be processed at sea.

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All of our boat holds are colour coded to the specification of your choice using the universal RAL Colour system below.

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